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 Ricardo Manuela Peter


For us it is very important that you are satisfied.

We live on this island since 1995 and we think it’s a great pity, that Pico isn’t well-known. Our guests tell us, that when they go to a travel agency to book their holiday on the Azores, they only hear about the islands São Miguel or Faial

All of our listings come from the private sector. So it is possible for us to make your stay on Pico individually.

All houses a breathtaking view of the sea.

Our houses "Palmeira", "Ita", "Nova" and "Nili" are located on the south side of the island. The probability to see dolphins and whales from the houses is very high. We have seen dolphins and whales many times from our terrace, when we have breakfast or tea. It is really magnificent.

Our house "Aguia" is located at the east part of the island. From the terrace you have a fantastic view of the neighbour island of São Jorge, when the visibility is very good you can also see parts of Terceira.

Pico has a very interesting "location" because from here it is possible to visit the neighbour islands of Faial and São Jorge in day trips. Take the morning ferry and come back again in the evening.

Most of the people don’t have the chance to know how beautiful Pico is.
But the ones who were here, come back.

That speaks for itself - and for us.

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